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Cavi Lipo featured on Dr Oz

Cavi Lipo is a body sculpting treatment that uses non-invasive Ultrasonic Fat Cavitation, the most advanced method of dealing with excess body fat. Pain free, with no downtime and results seen with in the first couple of treatment.

  • Fat reduction throughout the entire targeted treatment area -abdomen,arms, buttocks, hips, thighs chin etc..
  • Long lasting measurable results often seen immediately
  • Comfortable, relaxing treatment
  • No bruising, swelling or downtime
  • Safe, simple “walk in, walk out” procedure

Although fat cavitation is a long lasting form of fat loss (because we destroy the cells in which the fat reside), we still encourage our clients to eat healthily and exercise regularly. This, in conjunction with Cavi Lipo should see you looking slimmer and feeling great!


Cavi Lipo Process
Cavi Lipo